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Who We Are.

Beloved, the story of this church or its birth cannot be better told except with the help of God, so we will not bore you with details as we attempt to tell the story of the birth of His GLORIOUS Church. The Church started as a call, and later a vision from God which translated into a ministry and in the course of ministering, God specifically instituted and laid the foundation for the smooth take off of His Church which God Himself named in a vision The Cross Christian centre [TCCC] with a mandates is to reconcile men both unto God in one body Eph 2:16.

God has been faithful and will continue to be faithful in that He’s been confirming His words with signs and wonders in most of our services thus, Sunday Glorious Services, Wednesdays Healing Hour, Worship at the Altar every third [3rd] Saturday of every month, Air of comfort every first (1st) day of the month and the biggest of it all is The night of Gathering at the Altar [NOGATA]. God has been awesome.

Brethren, TCCC as a church has become a tool in the hands of God bringing reconciliation, deliverance, healing, blessings and prophetic declaration of God’s word with signs and wonders following. Some of the testimonies recorded are; deliverance from affliction, sickness, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney failure, joblessness, madness. Deliverance from evil power, woman without a fallopian tube made whole and got pregnant and delivered a baby, fruit of the womb, HIV positive to negative, blessing of both spiritual and physical gift, such as cars, visas granted, divine direction. To mention but a few outstanding miracles.



To reconcile Men unto God in one body by the cross and to make heaven


To conduct soul winning crusade within and outside Nigeria in order to make all see what is in the fellowship of the mystery which was from the beginning of all ages and be hidden in God who created all things through Christ Jesus. And to raise ministers who will worship God in the spirit and in truth. And spiritual leaders for the end time revival.    


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