Our Ministries

Christian Education

This is the training arm of the ministry which is saddled with the responsibility of teaching, equipping our congregation in the Christian service. Under it auspices, we have; The Cross Leadership Academy

The Prayer Band

This is the prayer arm of the ministry. It is responsible for all the activities of the ministry. It also has the responsibility of training of congregation in prayer.

Welfare and Sanctuary Keepers

This is the ministry arm that is saddled with responsibility of orderliness and conducts of the congregation during services. Attending to the needs of the congregation during services. This ministry also attends to the needy with love and compassion as well as defend the defenseless and cover the shame of the poor with agape love.

Children Ministry

 This ministry instructs and teaches children in the knowledge of God’s word and ways. Children are taught to to be like Jesus Christ as they grow as they mature in things of God.

Technical Unit

 This comprises of the sound engineer and media department.

Care Unit 

This ministry follow up first timers and new converts, making sure they are discipled well until they are matured in the Lord.

The Choir

 This comprises a body of dedicated, spirit filled believers who are passionate about breakthrough, Spirit inspired worship and praise.

Natural group

Men fellowship which is called The Excellent Men of The Cross Christian Centre 
Women fellowship which is called The Glorious Women of The Cross Christian Centre 
Single/ Youth fellowship which is called the Triumphant Youth of The Cross Christian Centre.  


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